Soaking Wet: Sexy Story

Soaking Wet

It had been a hell of a day.

Brian Folley had never considered quitting before this week. Now, it was a serious possibility even though he’d always loved his job as a systems analyst at Bonford and Rook. The company had done well by him and he had given them the bulk of his time for the last five years in return. But now, things had changed.

Well, that wasn’t completely accurate. His boss had changed, to be more precise.

He turned the lock on his apartment door behind him. Home sweet home. A low-rent apartment on the lower west side of the city where a guy like him could find a single-bedroom for rent that actually cost less than half his paycheck. The kitchen and the dining room and the living room were all one space, but it had a great view of a billboard from its one and only window.

He scrubbed his hands through his blonde hair and tried to forget today had even happened. It didn’t work, so he decided to try the next best thing. Cold beer and a soak in a warm tub.

He stripped off his shirt as he kicked his sneakers into a corner near the couch. His pants he unbuckled and slid down his legs as he walked to the refrigerator. The bottom shelf was reserved for the good stuff. Dark beer, several varieties, all of it chilled to perfection.

Brian had never understood how anyone could drink beer warm. Just never made sense. Might as well drink warm Pepsi. Taking a long neck bottle out he twisted off the top and let the refrigerator snap closed while he took a long pull from the beer. He stripped off his boxer briefs one-handed on his way to the hallway that led to his bedroom and the bathroom. Naked, he scratched at his groin and hips and really wished he’d had someone to come home to.

Oh well. Wishing never made things real.

The bathroom was just big enough to accommodate the bathtub, a sink, and the toilet. He’d installed shelves along the one wall so that he’d have somewhere to put the towels and bathroom necessities that every bachelor needed, which didn’t consist of very much.

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