Friendly Skies: Mile High Club Erotic Story

Friendly Skies

Cara hated flying. She had to do it on a regular basis for her company, of course, flying across the country to troubleshoot the computer programming that made it possible for them to ship items overseas, manage the two hundred plus stores nationwide, and basically do everything it was that made them a fortune five hundred company. She hated flying even when it was for business.

And this wasn’t even a business trip. This was supposed to be a getaway with her husband. A long overdue vacation. And, not saying that she didn’t need a little relaxation. She did, in the worst way, and she knew it. But all she could think about was work. About how there were systems in Denver that needed her immediate attention, and how that problem back in Tucson had only been patched, not fixed. Things like that.

It’s a good thing Eric had confiscated her phone, or she’d be on it right now, texting away to her boss and her boss’s boss and to the people who worked under her. It had become a daily routine for her. Text, eat, sleep, text some more. This trip was an attempt to break that routine.

Of course, if she could just slip her phone out of Eric’s pocket, now while he was sleeping in the seat next to hers in row J, she could get in a little messaging without him even knowing about it. She could ease her mind about work, and still enjoy the trip.

She saw the phone there, in the front pocket of his jeans, right where he had put it after taking it from her as the flight was about to start. If she could just grab it lightly with two fingers, like this, and then pull It out just right…
“I can feel you doing that, you know,” Eric said without opening his eyes.

She scowled at him even though he couldn’t see it and sat back in her chair with her arms crossed under her breasts. She had dressed in casual clothes, which went along with the whole trying to relax thing. She had found her black t-shirt and faded jeans in the back of her closet. She didn’t have much reason to wear them these days.

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