Club Nightshade:Fantasy Erotic Story

Club Nightshade

Jamie walked the runway to the end, strutting in a tight schoolgirl’s outfit. There were only a few customers in the club tonight. But, it was only Tuesday and she had three more shows later this week. Things would pick up.

The music thumped, loud and meaningless, but giving her the rhythm she needed to strut, turn, bend. She had been a stripper at different nightclubs for six years now, and her body was tight and firm in all the right places. People didn’t realize what a physical workout this job was.

The Nightshade wasn’t a strip club, though. It billed itself as a “gentleman’s club.” Which meant it was a strip club for rich men. Hopefully some of the-she counted-seven gentlemen seated around the walkway would be generous to her with their money tonight.

Of course, it was also the most exclusive club she had ever worked in. The clientele were all…how did management put it? “Special people.” They were upper-class citizens who valued their privacy for more than one reason.

Jamie looked around the room again as she did a slow spin on her heels to the music. The two sitting away from the stage over in the corner, conversing quietly but with animated gestures, were vampires. One of the guys on her left was immortal, if you could believe that. Two guys sitting close together on her right were able to see the future. Another guy could speak to the dead. And she didn’t know what the last man sitting near her walkway was. She’d never seen him before.

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